Salty Crackers

“Artur” crackers are a brand positioned predominately
in Eastern Europe. For several years they were sold on the market in transparent packages, barely noticeable on the shop’s shelves, lacking any character.
Logically, the client decided that there is a problem to be solved, so that’s how I started working on this project.
After a thorough analysis and research into that category of goods, and having in mind some of the client’s requirements, including – a white background for the logo, presence of red color in the series and visibility of the product inside to a certain extent, I came to the following conclusion:

– The print has to be kept on a transparent folio so that the visibility of the product is solved with a window (this, in turn, allows different shapes corresponding to the particular tastes).
– The red color will be presented in the background, while the product’s signature color will be in the typography itself.

As a result, “Artur” crackers compete successfully with similar products from other brands and have a new, fresh feel.